Assistant Manager

Giulia - Copie

Giulia was born in the south of Italy. It is in her native country that she studied and obtained, at the age of 18, a diploma equivalent to the French Baccalaureate in Literature.

Having obtained her diploma, she decided to fly to England to discover the world and perfect her English.


Her job search led her to a 4-star hotel, where she worked as a receptionist for about a year.  During this period, Giulia is looking for her professional path and wants to try different jobs.

That’s why she applied for a job in a starred London restaurant, located in the Chelsea area, whose chef was none other than the talented Gordon Ramsey, still unknown at the time.

Giulia worked there as a hostess for a year before taking on a new challenge.


Indeed, at the age of 20, Giulia continues to travel all over Europe and settles down in France to live new experiences. She takes French courses and applies for various job offers in the hospitality industry.

She was hired by Le Grand Hôtel, a 4-star hotel in Cannes at that time. She worked as a receptionist, in charge of, among other things, individual reservations and conventions. She left her position after 8 years, having experienced the establishment’s transition to 5-star rating.


Giulia became a mother and took 3 years to take care of her baby. At the same time, she decided to pursue her passion: writing.

In 2014, she publishes her novel “Yes She Cannes” in Italy under her maiden name “Giulia Narciso”, and wins the prize for “best Italian novel abroad”, awarded by the website italianiallestero.tv.


When she decided to start working again, in 2015, she tried an experience as a Sales Assistant in a real estate agency. The lack of contact with clients and the fact that she could not practice languages did not make Giulia want to continue in this way.
She then carries out small missions, still in the hotel business, before answering a job offer at the Clarion Suites Cannes Croisette **** (the hotel became Nehô Suites Cannes Croisette **** in July 2020), which she joined in 2016 as a receptionist, then reception manager 2 years later.




Since then, Giulia has been fully fulfilling her role. She emphasizes the chance she has to work in a good atmosphere with a great team spirit, beside a management team that is present and attentive.

Giulia is always available for her team, which she guides on a daily basis with a “positive psychology”. She can finally find the aspects of the job she prefers: the contact with guests, the practice of languages, the dynamism of the job and the variety of tasks it offers.


Outside of work, Giulia reads, writes and plays the piano. She also likes to travel, particularly to Northern European countries.